Star’s Last Wish Chapter 8


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Oh, wow! A new release so soon?? Who was expecting that? Certainly not us! xD Things get serious in this latest chapter of Star’s Last Wish! The download link is below~


Star’s Last Wish Chapter 8


Children’s Teacher Chapter 17


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Sooo, after a brief and unexpected hiatus, we’re back with a new release of Children’s Teacher! (Finally, right?) 😀 End-of-year assignments and finals took over our lives for awhile there, but now that it’s summer, we’re trying to get back to weekly releases for you guys! So you should expect the next chapter of Star to be out around this time next week! 🙂

Please don’t forget to leave a comment~! It really motivates us to work faster, you know? ^///^;;


The Children’s Teacher, Mr. Kwon Chapter 17

In other news, I had a great (first) time at Anime Boston two weeks ago with my sister! Did anyone else attend? 😉 Our cosplay photos are on our deviantArt, so please feel free to check them out! I went as Vocaloid Meiko from the song “Evil Food Eater Conchita,” and my sister went as Megurine Luka from “The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka.” It was my first big convention, so it was a lot of fun~


My sister made the dress, hairpiece, and choker, so if you like her work, please check out her Etsy shop! -shot- x_x

Thanks for your patience, everyone~!

The Day the Magpie Cries Chapter 5


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Hi all!

Hope that everyone who celebrates it had a nice Easter and that no one got pranked too badly on April 1st! 😉 Here’s a new chapter of Magpie for you all! Looks like Dan Ah and Du Nah aren’t having much luck recruiting for the hanbok club! The download link is below, as usual!

Also, Moon had her birthday earlier in March, so I wanna throw in one last “Happy birthday!” to her! Thanks for being such an awesome friend and translator! ❤ Now, without further ado…

There is nothing here.

That is all.

The Day the Magpie Cries Chapter 5

Star’s Last Wish Chapter 7


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Hi everyone! 🙂

We’re a little later than expected on this one, but here it is at last, chapter 7 of Star’s Last Wish! We’re trying to speed up our release rate, but school’s been pretty crazy lately. Hopefully our next update won’t take as long! ^^;

Next up is Magpie! Look forward to it! (^.^)V

That's how it happens.

It’s true. T//T

Star’s Last Wish Chapter 7

Children’s Teacher Chapter 16


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At long last, we are back! 😀

Really sorry for the long delay, everyone! We meant to get this chapter out AGES ago, but Moon got extremely lazy, and by the time she got the translation to me, I had also become very lazy. 😛 (Not to mention, I got obsessed with playing LOZ: Twilight Princess, which I got for Xmas, hee~!)

Anyway, without further ado, here is the long-awaited release of Children’s Teacher chapter 16. Make sure you have a box of tissues on hand. 😉

So true that it's said...

This is for you, Ash! ;_;

The Children’s Teacher, Mr. Kwon Chapter 16

On an unrelated note, I want to show a little support for my extremely talented big sis, who recently opened up a shop on Etsy where she sells vintage-inspired handmade accessories! 😀 She’s also taken inspiration from the bow accents worn by the trendy character Yoo Jung from the popular 2012 k-pop nostalgia drama “Answer Me 1997.” We’d be so grateful to anyone who stops by to take a look! 🙂

(And yes, the seaweed-head who’s modeling the headbands is me. ^///^;;)

Sofia’s Bowtique

Happy Thanksgiving + Magpie Chapter 4


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Long time, no see, everyone! 😛

First of all, happy Thanksgiving to all our US followers! 😀 Hope you all had a relaxing holiday with friends and family!

So today, we have a new chapter of Magpie! (I know, it’s been awhile! T.T) I swear, the author of this webtoon has a thing for stuffing lots of words into tiny bubbles. Occasionally, I have to cut some words from the translations so that the text can fit in them! >//< (Don’t worry, though, it’s nothing substantial!) Anyway, Moon has been super busy lately, so it’s been hard for her to find the time to translate, but we hope to have the next chapter of Children’s Teacher out by this weekend, so look forward to it!

Finally, in light of the holiday, I just wanna say that I am so grateful to have Moon as both a translator and a best friend! Let’s keep doing our best together, okay? 😀 Now that I’ve sufficiently embarrassed her, I also want to say thank you to all the people who read our scanlations and support us. Truly, we are both so grateful to all of you! =)
Now, enjoy chapter 4 of Magpie! 🙂

Don’t hurt us, please! ^^;

The Day the Magpie Cries Chapter 4

Star’s Last Wish Chapter 6


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Hay guys!

Oh happy day! The next chapter of Star is finally up! ^^ Thanks for your patience. School is still eating our livesss ㅠ_ㅠ, but we’ll hopefully have another chapter of Magpie and Children’s Teacher real soon! Link is below as always so please show Star some lovin’!

Hope you’re having a splendorful week ~ ^^

And then you act like you didn’t say anything in the first place.

Star’s Last Wish Chapter 6



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Hi everyone! 😀 Well, well, do we have a surprise for you!

Guess who’s back?!

That’s right! Children’s Teacher is coming back to CKS! 😀 We’re really happy to resume scanlating this hilarious and heartwarming series from where its English scanlations left off! So here we are presenting you with chapter 15 of The Children’s Teacher, Mr. Kwon! We hope you enjoy reading it just as much as we have!

Remember to check out our other projects as well! 🙂

The Children’s Teacher, Mr. Kwon Chapter 15

Star’s Last Wish Chapter 5


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Hiya! =)

Chapter 5 of Star is finally here!! 😀 It took forever to clean, but it’s a good one, so enjoy it! Also, can I take the time now to say that Moo Nee is absolutely too cute?! Uwaah, he just oozes tsundere with everything that he does! ^_^ Hehe~!

How I was like cleaning and typesetting this chapter. (Lol, JK!)

I actually find typesetting to be rather relaxing. Cleaning… not so much. ^.~

Star’s Last Wish Chapter 5